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Colorado Wildlife Removal Services

Living in Colorado is the best, but it also comes with its own set of challenges and sometimes those challenges are dealing with wildlife in and around your structure.  Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control is here to help when you are faced with this challenge.  Blue Tick technicians are experts at wildlife removal!  The […]
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damage to house siding - holes mad by woodpeckers

Bird Removal Specialists

Birds in Colorado create a number of challenges for businesses and homeowners.  From being a nuisance, to creating enormous damage, birds can be a pest.  Calling a bird removal expert once you realize you have a bird problem could make the difference between hundreds of dollars in repair as well as time and brain damage.  […]
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Colorado Bat Removal Experts

There are around 18 different species of bats in Colorado, and it is thought that Colorado retains about 10% of these bats throughout the winter.  Bats in Colorado are abundant and often roost and nest in houses or other structures close to Human activity.  Although bats are protected and are really great for the environment […]
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Dead Animal Removal & Sanitation Experts

Be it in your attic, your chimney, or your front and back yard, dead animals can bring more than a bad smell to your property.  Hire a dead animal removal service to remove and mitigate potential parasites, insects, and rodents it has drawn in.  Often when an animal begins the decaying process, smells can attract […]
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Denver Skunk Removal Services

Skunks are extremely strong diggers and often choose to Den under stoops, patios, porches or decks.  No matter why the skunk has chosen to den under your house, the need to get it out and keep it out is immediate.  Beyond the smell permeating just about everything, many Skunks carry rabies, as well as ticks […]
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Denver Raccoon Removal Specialists

Raccoons, with their distinctive masks and mischievous nature, are often seen as charming creatures. However, in Denver, these intelligent mammals can quickly become unwelcome guests in your home, causing significant damage and posing health risks. If you need raccoon removal in Denver, addressing the issue promptly and humanely is crucial. Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife […]
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Snake Removal Experts

Although snakes serve a valuable role in the environment, they can also be scary and be found in places where they don’t belong.  Colorado has an enormous number of snakes.  Often the snakes we see in the back yard are harmless and are nature’s own pest control eating insects and rodents.  There are however times […]
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Denver Squirrel Removal Experts

If there is one thing you can count on in Colorado, it’s that squirrels are going to be a part of your life.  Whether you live in a neighborhood with lots of trees, or you live in a new area, squirrels are always close.  However, in Denver, these resourceful rodents can quickly become unwelcome guests […]
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