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Colorado Pest Control Services

Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc is local, licensed and insured company that provides pest control needs from the front range of Denver to Edwards, CO.  If your pest management issue revolves around rodents, (mice & rats) insects (flying or crawling), is in a home, apartment of office building, Blue Tick Pest Control services […]
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Gopher, Ground Squirrels, Mole Removal Specialists

Gophers Ground Squirrels and Moles are all considered burrowing rodents. Although Moles are found in Colorado, they are only found on the Eastern Plains. Gophers, (Pocket Gophers specifically) and Ground Squirrels however are found throughout the metro area and into the mountains.  These critters not only carry disease and ruin yards/grounds, they can also affect […]
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Insect Control Specialists

Blue Tick Pest Control technicians are trained and licensed pest control specialists with the department of Agriculture.  This means they have the experience and the knowledge needed to identify the species of insect(s) you are dealing with, and the experience and knowledge to determine what insecticide is not only going to do the best job […]
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Denver Rodent Control - Mouse and Rat Removal Specialists

Rodent infestations pose a significant threat to Denver properties, both residential and commercial. These persistent pests can cause extensive damage, contaminate your living or working space, and even transmit diseases. If you suspect rodent activity in your Denver property, addressing the issue promptly and effectively is crucial. Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control offers professional […]
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Prairie Dog Control & Removal Specialists

Colorado is home to 3 different species of Prairie Dogs.  Prairie Dogs can cause a great deal of damage to the environment, as well as carry a number of diseases.  Prairie Dogs have been shown to carry a flea that carries the Bubonic Plague, as well as create hazards for dogs, horses and other livestock.  […]
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Voles Removal Experts

Voles, also known as a field mouse, that can wreak-havoc on your lawn and ground.  Voles typically dig tunnels and live in burrows made by other rodents.  Voles will eat a variety of food, including grasses, bark from young trees as well as grains and flowers.  These feeding habits change with the seasons; however, they […]
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