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Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc is local, licensed and insured company that provides pest control needs from the front range of Denver to Edwards, CO.  If your pest management issue revolves around rodents, (mice & rats) insects (flying or crawling), is in a home, apartment of office building, Blue Tick Pest Control services can help! 

Blue Tick Pest Control services always starts with a free inspection to identify the species of pest, and then works with you to create an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan to quickly and effectively rid your area of the targeted pest. 

Often this means implementing one or more of the following interventions:

  • Biological- implantation of predatory animals into the area to biologically reduce numbers of pests (not used very often).
  • Environmental- reduction of harborage areas and potential denning/nesting in and around structure as well as sealing of entry points into structure (our specialty)
  • Chemical- Rodenticide and pesticides to reduce population of targeted species with special attention to not harming secondary, non-intended targets (our number one concern).


Long term, using a combination of these interventions is a best practice, and will provide you with the best overall result.  Blue Tick Pest Control also adheres to the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDOA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) laws and standards for using both rodenticides and pesticides in and around your structure.   We understand that although getting these critters out is important, nothing is an important as you and your families health.

Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc. not only implements plans on how to pull the rodents out of your home, but also has extensive experience sealing gaps in both foundations and rooflines to help prevent critters from getting back in. 

From Roaches, to mites, rats to moths, Wasps to Black Widows, Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc is here to help get your house back.  Blue Tick also offers Sanitation Services to help decontaminate areas that have been infested with rodents. 

Depending on the targeted species, and level of infestation, Blue Tick offers many different options in regard to maintaining a pest free home/structure. 

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