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Blue Tick Pest and Wildlife Control provides 100% customized pest control and wildlife management services to help people get, and keep, their homes and offices as clean and pest free as possible.  Everyone at Blue Tick Pest Control & Wildlife Control Specialists is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture as a Pest Control Specialist, and is equipped to handle any and all of your pest/animal control needs.  Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Specialists has over 40 years of combined wildlife and pest-management experience.  We have helped thousands of people throughout the years for larger, less customer focused companies.  Now, the top technicians, Pest Control Specialists, and inspectors are here to serve you with better pricing, better service, and more humane treatment for all animals.   

By safely getting the critters out, keeping them out, and sanitizing the affected areas we reduce the need to trap and potentially euthanize animals.  

The very real psychological and health implications of living with wildlife and or pests can be numerous, and potentially life threatening.  Visit our services page to learn more about health concerns regarding your targeted pest and how Blue Tick Pest and Wildlife Control can help you with all your wildlife and pest management needs.

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How to get wildlife and Pests out of your house


Blue Tick Pest and Wildlife Control is here to help you safely, quickly and humanely get your house back to normal. The process starts with a free, in-home inspection. Inspections include the following areas of the property/structure:

General grounds:

Sheds, decks and concrete slabs/patio’s for entry points as well as checks for feces and possible entry points into yard.

Foundational areas:

Around the house including corners, vents, and pipes, area where foundation meets siding, and where siding/brick meets soffit.

Roof Line:

Eave returns, soffit ends, flashing around chimney, chimney top & flu, vents and pipes (attic roof vents and sewer roof vents)


Soiled Insulation, insulation levels, signs of rodents (trails and burrow holes), signs of other animal activity (birds, bats, raccoons)


Crawlspaces inspections include vapor barrier grading, as well as inspection for rot, mildew/mold.

After the inspection is complete, we will work with you to develop an Integrated Wildlife/Pest Management Plan detailing how to: get the targeted critter(s) out, keep them out, and sanitize if appropriate.  We will then write this plan in 3-4 easy to follow steps, and schedule a time for a Trained Wildlife Technician to get started.  Please go to resources to learn more about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and why it is Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Specialists preferred method of Wildlife and Pest control.

Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc. has extensive experience dealing with, and removing rodents from attic and living structures, raccoon removal from attic’s, chimney’s and under decks; bat removal from attic’s, siding, and soffit areas and attic area; skunk removal from under decks, concrete porches/stoops, sheds and even basements; Bird removal from attic’s and inside siding/stucco; Beaver removal from under roadways and native lands; Pine Marten’s from structures; Marmot removal from structures.

Blue Tick Pest & Wildlife Control Inc. serves the Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Golden and Evergreen areas with home/business/attic wildlife and pest issues, as well as the town of Frisco, Copper Mountain, Breckenridge, Eagle and Vail with their wildlife and Pest Management needs.

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